Sunday, June 30, 2013

What's this, a new blog post? YES! It is a new blog post!

That is all.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shocking Candid Celebrity Photo!

Guess who I saw outside the Beverly Hilton tonight. None other than... This guy.

Corey Feldman!

Did you know he was the voice of Donatello in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles moive?

Another true fact, he doesn't know I took this photo.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Interview with Rick Santorum

Exclusive Harvard IL Lampoon interview with GOP Candidate Rick Santorum.

David: How are you doing today?

Rick: Photobucket

David: That's interesting. When did you start wearing the sweater vest?

Rick: Photobucket

David: You don't say? Why did the Klan make you wear a sweater vest?

Rick: Photobucket

David: I'm very sorry. I didn't know you couldn't talk about fight club. You said going to college is bad, did you go to college?

Rick: Photobucket

David: Please don't use that kind of language, you don't even know my mother. Let's talk about you stand on birth control. Do you practice the "pull-out" form of birth control?

Rick: Photobucket

David: That's too graphic sir.

Rick: Photobucket

David: Sir, stop!

Rick: Photobucket

David: That's it! This interview is over you PERVERT!

Rick: Photobucket

-written by David Kazmierski

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscars J-Lo's Nipple

Everybody was on Twitter talking about J-Lo's Nipple at the Oscars. I thought I'd visualize that. I hope everyone enjoys seeing J-Lo's Nipple.

Oscar Summary

The winners won. The losers lost.

-David Kazmierski

2012 Grammy Picks

Record of the Year

Album of the Year

Song of the Year
Best New Artist

Best Pop Solo Performance

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

Best Pop Instrumental Album

Best Pop Vocal Album

We'll see if I'm right come Feb 12th.

-David Kazmierski

Top Ten People Named Mitt

10. Mitt R. Smith

9. Mitt L. Denny

8. Mitt Salvaggio

7. Mitt Romney

6. Steve Mittleman

5. Erica Mitte

4. Daniel Mitterhofer

3. Meghan Mitter

2. Joey Mitteco

1. Rj Mitte

Congratulations to all!